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Executive Law Enforcement Officer Retreat

Knowing the God Who Protects and Serves

Are you an executive chief or sheriff? Get away and be refreshed at the Executive Law Enforcement Officer Retreat along with your spouse in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Speakers will discuss the unique issues faced by law enforcement leaders and insights from God’s Word. There is no charge for chiefs, sheriffs, and their spouses.

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No current LE Executive Retreats are currently planned.

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Chief’s Roundtable discussion October, 2020

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    • All of the retreat was like spiritual oxygen—renewed my spirit and refocused my attention on Christ. A true blessing and privilege to be a part of this event.
      —Officer’s spouse

    • It has renewed my faith and has given the strength to keep moving forward in the good fight. I feel that everyone needs the reassurance to stay in the fight and to finish strong.
      —Law Enforcement Officer, North Carolina

    • It’s helped my wife and I refocus on what is most important and to open ourselves to God’s calling.
      —Law Enforcement Officer, Colorado

    • It’s good to see so many other believers in Christ. I am reminded of how good God is and that he has my back along with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
      —Law Enforcement Officer and Officer’s spouse, Florida

    • It gave us time to come away, rest and refresh among fellow believers who understand the pressures we face. It has been a time of renewal that I will leave feeling encouraged and refocused on Christ. Thank you for serving the Lord in this way. Each presenter and musicians truly pointed us to Christ.
      —Officer’s spouse

    • It has connected me with other believers in the profession and has encouraged me and inspired me to reach out to others in my agency. Thank you for your service and generosity. You truly went above and beyond. May God bless you all and continue to expand your ministry. You are bringing life back into the profession with the message of Jesus that you share.
      —Officer and Officer’s spouse