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Marriage Resiliency Retreat | Mystic Lake Lodge, Alaska

Through our Law Enforcement Appreciation Program (LEAP), the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has hosted retreats and dinners for our law enforcement friends like you in cities across the U.S. In a time when those who protect and serve our nation have come under attack, we want to thank you for the sacrifices you and your family make—and strengthen you in your service.

This Marriage Resiliency Retreat is designed to refresh officers and their spouses physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a stress-free environment where you can reconnect.

Are you a sworn law enforcement officer who has been injured in the line of duty or has been involved in an officer involved shooting? If so, you and your spouse may be eligible to attend our marriage resiliency retreat through our Law Enforcement Appreciation Program at beautiful Mystic Lake Lodge in Alaska.

While this opportunity is open to officers who fit the above criteria, there is an application process, and we have limited spots available at our marriage retreats. Please note: Preference may be given to those whose marriages have been impacted most by an incident.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023 LEAP Alaska season. Applications for the 2024 summer season will be available this fall.

About our Marriage Resiliency Retreat

The marriage resiliency retreat gives selected officers and their spouses, the opportunity for spiritual refreshment, physical renewal, and marriage enrichment. Couples participate in Biblically based seminars that help strengthen their relationships with God and others and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation with outdoor activities at our Alaskan wilderness lodge.



You can help provide law enforcement couples an opportunity to be strengthened in their faith through the BG-RRT Law Enforcement Ministry. This ministry works to show appreciation and support in various ways: annual marriage resiliency retreats for wounded officers and their spouses held at Mystic Lake Lodge, law enforcement chaplain trainings, critical incidence response ministry, and law enforcement appreciation events and retreats. All of these are Bible-based opportunities for law enforcement officers and their families to grow and be strengthened in the calling God has placed on their lives.

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Prayer is the most important gift you can give. Please keep these specific requests in your prayers:

  • Ask God to protect our law enforcement officers serving in communities around the country.
  • Pray for officers and their families who have been injured or involved in a shooting
  • Pray for the outreach of the Billy Graham Law Enforcement Ministry.


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