National Law Enforcement Ministry

Law Enforcement Chaplain Training Program

In response to the growing need for emotional and spiritual care to law enforcement officers, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) has developed the Law Enforcement Chaplain Training Program (LECTP). Class participants will undergo an application/selection process.

Training objectives:

  • Identify Biblical foundations for law enforcement ministry.
  • Examine the value of law enforcement officers and law enforcement chaplains
  • Develop crisis communications techniques
  • Identify stressors unique to law enforcement officers and families
  • Identify positive and negative coping skills
  • Examine appropriate ministry during line-of-duty death incidents
  • Review legal liability and confidentiality
  • Discuss sensitivity with diverse populations

Course Prerequisites:

  1. Either actively serving as a law enforcement chaplain or retired/active duty law enforcement
  2. Approved application

Are You Interested?

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