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Thanking Those who Serve and Protect

In appreciation of your devotion to protect and serve others, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is pleased to support the law enforcement community through annual retreats. These events acknowledge the unique challenges officers and their families face. We hope you will take this opportunity to step away from the pressing demands of life and career to focus on the truths found in God’s Word.

Upcoming Retreats

We currently don’t have an upcoming retreat.

To watch or listen to a previous retreat, please visit this page.

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    • “It was way above my expectations—the speakers, facility, music and food made for a great event.”
      – Law Enforcement Officer from Lytle, TX

    • “The speakers and applicable topics related to law enforcement challenges, including the wives, were very valuable.”
      – Law Enforcement Wife from Pearland, TX

    • “My wife and I are both police officers with the same department. We realized more importantly we’re both spouses. I think we reconnected on a personal level with God’s help.”
      – Law Enforcement Officer from Lebanon, NJ

    • “What did you find most valuable from this retreat? The opportunity for my wife to hear what I can’t say or don’t know how to say.”
      – Law Enforcement Officer from Ingleside, TX

    • “Since the retreat, my wife and have been transformed, it seems. We were both renewed in our faith, feel energized for God and have just been overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. Your prayers were and are a blessing to us. Our will is what God wants, not what we think it should be. We needed to be straightened out a little on that, so we thank you for that.”
      – Chris, Police Lieutenant

    • “We face unimaginable circumstances from day-to-day that the average person can’t imagine. Knowing there are people of like faith and wanting to help us and our families is a great feeling. May God bless each and every one of us and keep us safe.”
      – Dana L., County Sheriff’s Office

    • “It’s one of the few times in the last few years that we’ve felt truly safe, with other Christian officers & people who love us.”
      – Officer’s spouse

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